Terms and conditions

These Terms of Service constitute a legally binding agreement between you (the "User") and Deepiks SAS (the "Company") governing your use of the DeepGen service (the "Service"). By accessing or using the Service, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.

1- Service Use

1.1- User Acknowledgments

You acknowledge and agree that:

  • AI agents provided by DeepGen should not be relied upon in urgent or critical situations. They are not dependable for time-sensitive matters.
  • The information or advice given by DeepGen's AI agents may not be fully reliable or up-to-date. You should independently verify any responses or recommendations provided by these AI agents before acting on them.
  • DeepGen's AI agents may not function correctly, be in their final or complete version, or operate as intended at all times. Your access to these AI agents is provided on an "as is" basis without any guarantees.

1.2- Restricted Uses

You agree not to use DeepGen or AI agents to:

  • Infringe on third-party rights or laws.
  • Violate these Terms or Deepiks policies.
  • Reverse engineer or hack DeepGen or its underlying technologies.
  • Abuse, harm, or disrupt DeepGen's services.
  • Misrepresent AI-generated content as human-written.

2- Your Responsibilities

You acknowledge that you are accountable for the content you create and the AI agents you deploy, ensuring they comply with all applicable laws, these Terms, our policies, and the policies of any third-party language models integrated with DeepGen.

We reserve the right to restrict, remove, or permanently delete your content or AI agents if they violate these Terms, our policies, third-party language model policies, or applicable laws, or if they pose a risk to DeepGen or negatively impact the experience of other DeepGen users.

3- Subscriptions

3.1- Services

Joining DeepGen provides multiple benefits, including improved messaging capabilities, faster responses from AI agents, and access to additional models that aren't available through free services elsewhere.

Every month, subscribers receive a specific allotment of DeepGen credits to use for interactions with DeepGen's AI agents, with the number of credits needed to start a conversation varying by agent. Unused credits do not roll over to the next month and are unique to DeepGen, having no cash value and cannot be exchanged or refunded. If your subscription ends, you will lose access to exclusive subscriber benefits and any unused DeepGen credits as of the end date. Your allocation of DeepGen credits is renewed each month on the date your subscription began.

3.2- Conditions

The use and access of Subscription Services are contingent upon meeting the conditions listed below:

  • Deepiks must receive timely payment of all Subscription fees. Access to the Subscription Services will be denied if you cancel or do not make the payment for your Subscription, or if your method of payment is no longer valid.
  • You are responsible for implementing sufficient security for your account and must not disclose your DeepGen account password to others for the purpose of granting them access to the Subscription.

3.3- Recurring charges

If you purchase an annual or monthly DeepGen subscription, you authorize us to charge the corresponding fee using the payment method you provided. This recurring payment will occur on the anniversary of your subscription start date. You are responsible for all recurring payments until you cancel your subscription or we terminate your access to the subscription in accordance with these terms.

3.4- Changes to the Price and Subscription Plans

Our subscription offerings and fees for Subscription Services may be updated occasionally. Nonetheless, alterations in pricing or subscription packages will not be implemented until at least 30 days after we've informed you. Should you decide against accepting any changes in pricing or your subscription arrangement, you have the option to terminate your subscription prior to the activation of these changes.

3.5- Free Trials And Promotional Codes

DeepGen may provide complimentary trial subscriptions for a defined period. Upon signup or promotional material presentation, specific Free Trial conditions will be disclosed. Continued subscription without prior cancellation before the end of the Free Trial will result in the automatic billing of the selected subscription fee to your designated payment method. Free Trials and subscriptions can be terminated at any time. One Free Trial is permitted per user.

DeepGen may occasionally distribute promotional codes that expire on the date specified in promotional materials. Each account may only redeem one promotional code per promotion. Promotional codes cannot be transferred or exchanged for monetary value.

3.6- Cancellation and Termination

You may cancel a subscription, including Free Trials, via your account settings. Canceling will take effect at the end of the trial or current billing cycle. Subscription fees incurred before the cancellation date are your responsibility. You'll retain access to content until cancellation.

DeepGen may terminate your subscription due to non-payment or violations of these Terms. Termination is immediate, and you'll lose access to subscription content.

4- Intellectual Property

Deepiks maintains control over the intellectual property (IP) related to its platform and technology, while you retain the rights to the content you submit. This means that while Deepiks owns the underlying system and software, any individual creations or submissions you make on the platform remain your property.

5- Privacy

Your data is collected and used as described in our Privacy Policy.

6- Disclaimers and Limitations

Deepiks provides the service 'as is' without warranties. Our liability for damages is limited as allowed by law.

7- Governing Law

These Terms are governed by the laws of France.


Deepiks reserves the right to modify these Terms with a one month notice.

9- Contact

For queries or concerns, contact us at contact@deepiks.io.